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Group of people part of the Les Pas Sages association

The Pas Sages association supports groups towards understanding and simplification

legal , financial , governance and human ecosystem mechanisms

to create cooperative, resilient, ecological and joyful places for living and activities!
Participatory housing & Resident cooperative

Participatory housing

Developing joyful ecovillage and participatory habitats in the service of life!

The Pas-Sages gathering

The Pas-Sages gathering will take place this year in Argoumbat from May 31 to June 2, 2024.

The gathering is the unmissable moment to meet those who create, sustain and develop collective and participatory living spaces in SAS Cooperative.

Whether you are just curious, involved in an ecovillage , looking for a group... It is the opportunity to exchange good practices, good news and to create collaborations.

Map produced in partnership with Habitat Participatif France

Network residents’ cooperatives



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