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Tailor-made course

Tailor-made support

Specific route

Specific legal framework, specific financial needs, streamlining governance, situations of deteriorated relational climate.

Conditions and prerequisites

  • Group made up of at least 3 people

  • Be in a cooperative with Pas Sages mechanisms or in the process of being created

  • Be a member of the Les Pas-Sages association

Content possible according to your needs

Character taking the first step of the personalized support journey

Legal and financial

  • Analyze the situation and identify the needs of the group

  • Choice of company type and transformation of statutes

  • Setting up conventions

  • Bringing financial abundance: solidarity contributions, reserve funds

  • Support from the Creative Investment Resources Endowment Fund (FRIC)

Character taking the second step of the journey, tailor-made support

Governance and cooperation dynamics

  • Instill or revive cohesion

  • Promote collaborative and cooperative behaviors

  • Develop relational skills

  • Streamline decision-making

  • Restore joy and confidence in the group

Character taking the third step of the journey tailor-made support

Regulation of tensions & conflict management

  • Facilitate regulations/mediations, as well as restorative circles

  • Support the implementation of regulation tools within your collective

Documents made available

  • Sharing content based on identified needs.

Accompanied member characters

Format and terms

Several possible formats depending on needs:

  • Video work

  • Intervention over one or more days in person

Any intervention is first the subject of a prior discussion to be able to establish a strategy depending on the situation.

welcome the wise steps


Every Tuesday 7:00 p.m. | 8:00 p.m.

Do you have questions about our support? On our residents' cooperative model? Do you want to carry out a collective project?

Join us on Zoom for a friendly meeting where we will discuss the keys to cooperation and collective housing. Everyone is welcome, whether you are already introduced to the concept or are just discovering this exciting world of cooperative housing.

All you have to do is bring your curiosity, we'll take care of the rest!

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Room 84704352235 Code 007

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